Legal Policies

Legal Policies

These are BHHC Legal Policies as of October 18, 2022. These policies govern the websites and help you know about the access, collection, use, and security of information on our BHHC websites. By visiting our websites, you’re agreeing to the policies and practices we currently have in place.

Privacy Policies

U.S. Privacy Policy (non-California)

Review our U.S. Privacy Policy (non-California) for more information. For California residents, refer to our California Privacy Policy.

California Privacy Policy

For California residents, review our California Privacy Policy. For U.S. residents outside of California, refer to our U.S. Privacy Policy (non-California) for more information.

Website Terms of Use

Terms of Service

Refer to our Terms of Service to understand important information concerning our conditions of use for this website, and its related e-services.

Website Privacy Policy

Refer to our Website Privacy Policy for our online privacy practices.

BHHC States of Operation

States of Operation

Refer to the full list of BHHC’s States of Operation for more information.

CA Residents

Learn more about the insurers affiliated with this website for California Residents.

NY Residents

Find important forms and resources for NY Residents.

As of: 11/9/2022