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We focus on quality claim handling and quick resolution. BHHC has claims offices across the country in order to effectively service our policyholders. BHHC is committed to providing compassionate care to injured workers. We are dedicated to helping injured workers achieve the fullest possible medical recovery through effective treatment and support.

Our mission is to help recovering workers achieve the fullest possible recovery through effective, timely and compassionate care – and to minimize policyholder costs by focusing on appropriate medical treatment, effective claims management practices, and targeted fraud identification and mitigation strategies. 

Suite of Services

BHHC provides its insureds and brokers with an 800-number and fax number, which offers 24/7 access for new claim reporting and claim handling for catastrophic loss claims. We also offer online claims reporting via email and our website. Our network of managed care professionals and investigators will team with our claims professionals to handle after-hour emergencies.

“BHHC did an excellent job providing input on the claims and a unique perspective no one else had mentioned…” 

Having an experienced, proactive, specialized staff in specific areas is a key aspect of reducing the cost of workers compensation claims nationwide. Our philosophy and industry experience have shown that specialized resources work best to achieve optimal results.


  • 24-hour Access
  • Special Investigations Unit (SIU)
  • Lower Caseloads, High-quality Claims Handling
  • Plan of Action
  • Large Account Team
  • Employee Training
  • Cost Containment
  • Utilization Review
  • Medical Bill Review
  • Lien Resolution
  • Recovery Services
  • Specialized Claims Resources

Claims Education

BHHC is also a premier leader in workers compensation claims education. Employees at BHHC are offered a variety of classes and seminars on a frequent basis to enhance their skills as claims professionals. Our curriculum was so comprehensive that it was used by the California Department of Insurance as a guide when developing the new state education requirements for the workers compensation insurance industry under Ins. Code 11761.

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You can file First Report of Injury for BHHC Workers Compensation Claims online. Reports generally take 20 minutes for you to complete.

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File by Phone, Fax, or Email

If you would like to report a claim by an alternate method, you can file by

For More Information

If you have questions regarding how to register or access our online services and manage your account, contact BHHC’s Customer Care Center at (888) 495-8949.

As of: 11/9/2022

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