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Leaving No Room for Risk

BHHC offers coverage for a wide range of Commercial Property risks. We offer coverage for difficult-to-place properties, such as vacant buildings and dwellings, rental dwellings, and forced placed and real estate owned (REO) properties.

Product Types

Rental Dwellings

BHHC offers several coverage options for residential property that is rented by a tenant, including Premises Liability. With the ability to cover high-valued homes under one policy with no maximum or minimum number of dwellings, this is a highly competitive class. Light renovation is acceptable (subject to company guidelines) and theft and vandalism coverage are available.

Vacant Buildings & Dwellings

BHHC has a program specifically designed for vacant commercial, industrial and residential properties. At the core of this program is a coverage form that was created to address the unique risks of vacant property. Vacant, occupied or partially occupied properties can be included on one policy. Pro rata cancellation is offered should a property become occupied or sold.


  • $1,000 minimum premium per policy
  • No minimum earned premium on most policies
  • All protection classes (including 9 & 10) acceptable
  • Up to $50 million TIV per location
  • No minimum or maximum number of properties per policy
  • No age restrictions (eligibility/coverages may be limited)

As of: 12/29/2023

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