Client Services

Providing Superior Service to Policyholders and Producer Clients

The BHHC Client Services team is passionate about providing our agents, producer partners, and policyholders with the highest levels of service.

“It was refreshing to experience BHHC’s high level of customer service.”

Client Services is a leading customer care initiative, and we tailor our efforts to our customers’ individual needs. Our team’s sole objective is to provide a highly professional, single point of contact who can offer support, answer questions, provide training, and coordinate with all other BHHC personnel to ensure satisfaction.

Suite of Services

We are dedicated to providing you with superior customer care, as well as addressing your needs, offering guidance and training, and helping you access our many services.

Our client services include:

  • Specialty Claims services.
  • Workers Comp 101 Training for insureds.
  • Unit Stat questions and revisions for both insureds and brokers.
  • Conference calls to review claim issues for insureds and brokers upon request.

As of: 11/9/2022

Safety Center

For Policyholders
Access specialized, up-to-date safety resources and valuable information to help you meet safety needs.

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