About COVID-19 and Claim Reporting

Coronaviruses can cause the common cold or more severe diseases. A new coronavirus first appeared in late 2019. It causes a respiratory illness now called COVID-19, which stands for coronavirus disease 2019. You should always get more specific from your state and local governments, as well as the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

Know How to Report a COVID-19 Claim

For All U.S. States

If you have an employee who tested positive for COVID and:

  • Has been working at their workplace or employer directed worksite
  • Believes they contracted COVID at work
  • Tests Positive (Qualifying tests):
    • PCR
    • Rapid test (FDA approved home Antigen tests – per OSHA standards. Not Antibody tests.)

You will be required to Report a Claim.

Note: Acceptance or denial of each claim will be determined based upon the facts and current law of your state.

For California

California COVID-19 has specific tracking, including Mandatory Employer Tracking Requirements.

Until 1/1/2024, California policyholders are required to submit information for tracking purposes when they have knowledge that an employee tests positive for COVID-19.

Report Using Our COVID-19 Tracker Tool

Use our COVID-19 Tracker to report your employees who have reported a positive COVID-19 test.

You must have the following items before you proceed to the COVID-19 Tracker:

  • Valid BHHC policy number
  • Employee ID – If you don’t have this, you can create your own. NO names or parts of SSN should be used.
  • Employee COVID-19 test date.
  • Qualifying tests:
    • PCR
    • Rapid test; (FDA approved home Antigen tests – per OSHA standards. Not Antibody tests)
  • Date employer knew employee tested positive
  • Location(s) employees worked in the 14 days BEFORE testing positive.
  • Last date employee worked at each location per item 5, BEFORE testing positive
  • Highest number of employees at each location in the 45 days before the employee’s last day worked

If the employee believes their COVID-19 positive test is work related, you will be required to Report a Claim.

Note: Acceptance or denial of each claim will be determined based upon the facts and current law of the State of California.


  • “A specific place of employment” means a building, store, facility, or agriculture field where an employee performs work at the employer’s direction.
  • “A specific place of employment” does not include the employee’s home or residence, unless the employee provides home health care services to another individual at the employee’s home or residence.

California policyholders can track their related cases (per California Labor Code 3212.88, established under Senate Bill 1159) and submit information to their claims administrator when they know, or reasonably should know, that an employee tested positive for COVID-19. This website will help you identify whether COVID-positive employees need to be reported as a WC claim or submitted for tracking purposes and offers an easy and convenient way to provide the necessary details to us.

For More Information

COVID-19 continues to challenge our nation and our local communities. Like many other organizations, Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies (BHHC) continues to take proactive steps to keep its employees safe, maintain superior customer service for our policyholders, producers and claimants. We have compiled useful COVID-19 insights and resources for you in response the COVID-19 crisis. BHHCCOVID19.COM which will be updated and revised as the situation warrants.

As of: 11/22/2022

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